International Horse Consultant

Greenwich prepares for riotsSay “Equus” to most people and they’ll immediately think of Sidney Lumet’s 1976 film about a teenage stable boy whose religiously inspired sexual fascination with horses culminates in an extended full-frontal nude scene with Jenny Agutter, as most things did in the mid-seventies. But it turns out that Equus is also the name of an American magazine for people who love horses in quite a different way, and I know this because I had an email last week from Fran, one of its columnists, asking how things were: American riders coming to Greenwich for the Olympics had been hearing reports of our riots, it seemed, and were getting jittery.

It’s at times like this one realises what an extraordinary thing the internet is; one moment I’m cheerily tagging photos of Noodle Time’s chipboard hoardings with the words “Greenwich riots”, and the next I’m advising the US Olympic Dressage Team on whether there’s likely to be anything occurring here next summer that might – and here again I’m forced to recall Miss Agutter’s energetic performance amid the dimly lit straw bales – frighten the horses.

Anyway – if anyone’s interested in a Stateside take on Greenwich’s riots, there’s one in the latest issue of Equus, along with an interesting piece on how to remove bot fly eggs. And, aware that Fran has linked to this blog and that being International Horse Consultant carries certain responsibilities, can I take this opportunity to point out to readers of Equus that since the eggs are, I believe, “sticky and yellowish and shaped like small grains of rice”, it might be best to check whether Dobbin has recently eaten a paella before getting to work with the bot knife.

[More riot photos on the Flickr page page…]


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