Greenwich House of Soap

Rather a lack of posts at the moment, I’m afraid, because, with the end-of-October tax deadline looming, I’m bogged down in accounts. Did you know that a pre-2007 Excel spreadsheet can only handle 65,000 rows of data? No, neither did I, till yesterday. Did you know that it’s actually possible to have more than 65,000 rows of data? Well, trust me, it is. I only had about half that number last year, but one of the curious things about accounts, as I’m sure anyone else who’s self-employed can confirm, is that the more your annual income falls, so the time it takes to do the requisite sums increases.

Anyway, speaking of impending financial distress, this caught my eye the other day.

Foxtons advert

Yup, that’s right. Twenty grand for a garage. A one-room, 100-square-foot, garage. Albeit one that’s only moments not just from Greenwich station, but also from an excellent selection of A roads for quick access in and out of London.

And this has got me thinking, vis-à-vis the aforementioned financial distress. We live quite near Greenwich station too – certainly as near as any jumped-up shed on Roan Street. And, though we don’t have space for a car, we do have a shower. We also know that quite a lot of Greenwich commuters, after a 13-minute journey from Cannon Street at the mercy of SouthEastern trains, are a bit sticky and harassed, and in no fit state to greet spouses, children, pets or internet dates at Cafe Rouge they strongly suspect will be well out of their league, because they always are, they always are.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. Trains are every 10 minutes, and a shower takes roughly 5 minutes. Add on 5 minutes for getting dressed, and that works out quite nicely – we could sell 10 minute slots specifically tailored to coincide with SouthEastern’s timetable.

It’s just an idea at the moment, but I reckon it’s got legs. Not quite sure of prices, so if anyone has any ideas, please let us know.

I’ll attach a photo of the shower.



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