Spot the Train

Hello and welcome to Spot the Train, our great new game inspired by all those classic newspaper “Spot the Ball” competitions and also by SouthEastern’s Dartford to Cannon Street via Greenwich service.

Spot the Train competition

Above is a photo of platform 2 at Greenwich station (click on the image for a browser-size version). All you have to do, using your own skill and judgement and past experience, is nominate the square you think most closely approximates the point at which the last door of the rear coach of the 0819 to Cannon Street will pull up next Wednesday (2nd November).

Closing date is 6 p.m. on Tuesday, 1st November, and all correct answers will be placed in a hat.

You may find the following information helpful in making your decision.

Proposed time of Departure from Dartford: 0745
Proposed time of arrival at Cannon Street: 0835
Weather (based on current Met Office predictions): overcast
Mood (based on current mood): downbeat

This competition is not open to employees of SouthEastern Trains or their families, and the driver’s decision is final.

Good luck!!!


2 Comments on “Spot the Train”

  1. I’ve always thought that if love ever came to town I would jump that train, so I will take that as inspiration and suggest square U2.

  2. Roger P says:

    More like A2

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